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Salt and Pepper Wings

These crispy salt and pepper wings are one of the most flavorful wings I have ever made. They are super crispy and really easy to make which is just in time for your Superbowl party. I use corn starch as the coating agent in this recipe which is what allows it to retain so much […]

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Sticky Rice Stuffed Chicken Wings

These sticky rice stuffed chicken wings are the perfect way to use leftover sticky rice, stuffing, or even a regular fried rice. The only difficult part of this recipe is deboning the chicken wing flats and honestly it still takes me a long time. Once you get that step down, it is just a matter […]

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Spicy Peanut Wings

These spicy peanut wings are inspired by a sweet peanut sauce I had at a Malaysian restaurant. It was served as a dipping sauce for beef and chicken skewers. The main difference is that I added a bit of heat to the sauce. This sauce is not only great on chicken wings but can be […]

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Lemon Pepper Wings

The lemon pepper wing trend has been here for a while and I finally got a chance to try them. The tangy lemon combined with a slightly sweet and pepper after-taste is a combination to die for. I will certainly be making these again and I hope you enjoy! View this post on Instagram A […]