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Shrimp Katsu Curry

The concept of katsu curry is a really popular dish that combines rice, Japanese curry, and katsu. Katsu means a type of protein that is battered in panko which is where this dish gets it’s name. It is very common to use chicken or pork katsu, but for this recipe I will be making a […]

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Japanese Milk Bread (Hokkaido)

Japanese milk bread is unlike any other bread out there. Extremely soft, fluffy and flakey texture that is a product of the tangzhong method. The first time I tried making it I failed terribly, but after a few tweaks to the recipe it is now perfect. I will be going through two ways to make […]

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Gyudon (Japanese Beef Bowl)

To me, gyudon (Japanese beef bowl) embodies all the characteristics of comfort food. A fresh cut of meat cooked in a hot umami broth, served on top of a warm bed of rice, and topped with a perfectly cooked egg. It really doesn’t get any better than that. View this post on Instagram A post […]