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Salted Egg Yolk Wings

These salted egg yolk wings will blow your mind with flavor and texture. Combining one of my favorite Chinese flavors with one of my favorite foods. This is a great recipe idea to spice up your next wing night! View this post on Instagram A post shared by @kwokspots A couple months ago I made […]

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Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

Taiwanese popcorn chicken is a variation of popcorn chicken that takes things to another level. A few key characteristics of it is the super crispy coating and flavorful chicken. We use coarse sweet potato or coarse tapioca starch as the coating. This will create the crackling crispy bits that everyone loves. The most unique component […]

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Fried Chicken and Bubble Waffles

This is a spin on the usual fried chicken and waffles recipes that you will see. Instead of a traditional waffle, I will be showing you how to make a Hong Kong style bubble waffle paired with a honey butter sauce that will take everything to the next level. View this post on Instagram A […]