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Singapore Curry Noodles

These Singapore curry noodles are one of my favorite comfort noodle dishes I ate growing up. Contrary to the name, this noodle dish actually originated from Hong Kong and not Singapore. It consists of rice noodles stir fried with curry powder, vegetables, shrimp, and Chinese BBQ pork. View this post on Instagram A post shared […]

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Curry Laksa (30 minutes)

Curry laksa is easily one of my favorite noodle soup flavors. It is creamy, spicy, umami and super simple to make at home. This dish is so popular that every state in Malaysia has a different laksa recipe. The soup has a curry base and the creaminess comes from coconut milk. The key to making […]

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Chicken Tikka Masala

After making butter chicken, I knew next on my list was chicken tikka masala. In comparison, this dish has more spice and tomato flavor and slightly less creamy and sweet. If you prefer less spice then I would recommend butter chicken. However, if you enjoy the spice and tomato flavors a lot, then this is […]

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Chicken Coconut Curry

This one pan chicken coconut curry is the definition of comfort food. It only takes 20 minutes to make and doesn’t require any special ingredients. Just some aromatics, curry powder, and coconut milk. Obviously I used chicken for this recipe but you can substitute it for any other protein you’d like. View this post on […]