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Beef Pepper Rice

If you have ever been to Asia, you might have heard of a popular fast food chain called pepper lunch. That is the place that popularized this beef pepper rice. It’s very simple, just sliced beef, rice, corn, green onion, and a sweet & salty sauce to go with it served on a sizzling hot […]

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Beef Tenderloin Stir Fry

This beef tenderloin stir fry is probably the most tender stir fry you will ever have. This is a very popular sweet and tangy beef dish at Chinese restaurants. With a little bit of patience and technique, you can make it yourself at home too. Please season according to your own personal preference. If you […]

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Texas Style Smoked Brisket

Texas-style smoked beef brisket is a barbecue masterpiece, celebrated for its bold flavors and tender, smoky perfection. The process begins with a meticulously seasoned brisket, typically using a blend of salt, pepper, and sometimes additional spices for a robust flavor profile. It may seem like an intimidating thing to make but once broken down, it […]

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Arayes (Lebanese Meat Stuffed Pita)

Arayes, a popular Middle Eastern street food, presents a delightful blend of seasoned ground meat. Often beef or lamb, encased in a pocket of thin, grilled pita or flatbread. This savory creation is seasoned with aromatic spices like onion, cumin, and sumac. These meat stuffed pockets are then grilled to perfection, resulting in a crispy […]

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The Perfect Patty Melt

A patty melt is a delectable sandwich that combines the elements of a classic hamburger with the comforting goodness of a grilled cheese. This culinary delight typically features a seasoned beef patty, grilled onions, and melted cheese, all sandwiched between slices of toasted bread. Whether enjoyed in a diner or made at home, the patty […]

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Korean Beef Short Ribs

These Korean beef short ribs always steal the show when it comes to the family BBQ. You can easily make this on a pan but I love the taste of cooking meat over a fire. The marinade really carries this recipe and I would highly recommend letting it marinate at least overnight. View this post […]

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Birria Sliders

Today we combine the iconic birria tacos with slider buns to create birria sliders. Birria is one of my favorite type of taco which combines braised beef with cheese and the delicious consume. It is surprisingly easy to make at home if you have a few hours to spare. One of the best parts is […]

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Panang Curry Short Ribs

These panang curry short ribs are inspired by a Thai restaurant I went to a few years ago. It combines the flavors of a traditional panang curry with the richness of braised beef short ribs. The tender beef melts in your mouth and the sauce goes perfectly with a nice bowl of rice. This dish […]

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Mongolian Beef Ramen

Mongolian beef ramen is a combination of two of my favorite things, beef and noodles. Mongolian beef is a very simple recipe typically made with flank steak. It is fried, then tossed in a sweet and salty sauce and topped with green onions. To me, the sauce often comes out salty which is why I […]